Desert Splendour was established in 2008 with a single plantaion of Jojoba of 90 acre in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Today it is the largest private palntation in the country with the addition of a second plantation in 2016 of another 14 acres.

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At Desert Splendour, we are proud to be India’s largest private jojoba plantation and deliver only the highest grade of the purest form of jojoba oil, from our farms straight to the bottle. It has taken us over 10 years of research to develop only the best varieties of jojoba oil suited solely to the Indian ecosystem. This ensures superior quality of seeds and the finest jojoba oil. Our extraction processes ensure that the oil retains all its original properties and nothing is lost as it goes through a special filtration process. We use muslin cloth to ensure clear Golden Jojoba Oil. Each batch of oil is tested by international labs, conforming to International Jojoba Council Specifications.